Branding Guide

In my former role as Community Ambassador at a tech company, I often organized events, planned programs, and managed projects that required full marketing campaigns. With no marketing staff on the team at the time, I needed to develop and manage marketing efforts to support this work.

While we had PDF documents with branding info, I saw a need to better organize marketing assets, communicate them to other staff, and make info more accessible for staff, partners, and press. I worked with a designer to create a digital branding guide.

Branding Guide

We built the digital branding guide using Jekyll, a static site generator, based on Style Guide Guide, a style guide boilerplate. Like many company projects, our version of the branding guide is open source.

Branding Guide Welcome Page

The project including a welcome page that prompts users to navigate to pages relevant to their needs. I edited existing company branding info, coordinated with a designer on changes, and wrote much of the copy in the guide.

Branding Guide

The branding guide design is responsive and includes information about company identity, communications, and brand design. We also added a section with marketing resources, including links to common tools and other internal guides, like a blog-writing guidelines and publishing pipeline for staff contributors to company marketing.

A changelog provides users with a clear timeline of updates to the branding guide.

Explore the guide or fork the repo to apply this branding guide to your company.

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